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Center for Social Concerns (University of Notre Dame)

“MISSION: To enact Catholic social teaching through community-engaged research, teaching, and learning. IDENTITY: Fulfilling Notre Dame’s mission to cultivate a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice and oppression that burden the lives of so many, the Center for Social Concerns gathers, forms, and nourishes community-engaged scholars in the study, practice, and renewal of Catholic social tradition. By enacting human dignity, pursuing the common good, and standing in solidarity with the marginalized and poor, we advance pedagogies of engagement, leverage personal transformation for social change, and transform principles of Catholic social teaching into 21st-century leadership.”

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Peace Learning Center

“Peace Learning Center educates, inspires and, empowers people to live peacefully. Our vision is to build a community of peace where respect is primary and justice is real. Through the modeling of behaviors, community collaboration, and by providing services, we value: -Peaceful resolution of all conflicts. -Strength of diversity in our community. -The potential of youth. -Responsible stewardship of the environment and community resources.”

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