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Animals, Property & The Law

Book: “”Pain is pain, irrespective of the race, sex, or species of the victim, ” states William M. Kunstler in the Foreword. This moral concern for the suffering of animals and their legal status is the basis for Gary L. Francione’s profound book, which asks, Why has the law failed to protect animals from exploitation? Exploring every facet of this heated issue, Francione discusses the history of the treatment of animals, anticruelty statutes, vivisection, the Federal Animal Welfare Act, and specific cases such as the controversial injury of unanesthetized baboons at the University of Pennsylvania. He thoroughly documents the paradoxical gap between our professed concern with humane treatment of animals and the overriding practice of abuse permitted by the law.”

Ann McKnight – turn toward conflict

“Ann McKnight has been a licensed psychotherapist for over 20 years. Ever curious about what moves us toward wholeness and satisfaction in everyday living, she has been exploring the crafts of Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles for the last 10 years. Through experimentation in all areas of her life, she is growing to see conflict as an invitation to deeper understanding, strengthened relationships and dynamic, vital community. Ann is currently working with Grand Haven and Spring Lake Public Schools, Community Policing Officers through the Holland Police Department, Hope College, Western Seminary, Hope Church, Black River Public School, various health care organizations, churches, schools, families, couples and individuals in West Michigan.”

Answers (Dr. Michael Klaper)

“Dr. Michael Klaper answers questions on a wide variety of health and nutrition-related subjects.”


“Anti-Media’s evolution from a fiercely independent news blog to the Homepage of Independent Media is now complete. Our journey started when our founder Nick Bernabe launched a small anti-establishment Facebook page, and it grew into millions of social media followers and hundreds of millions of visits to our website. By combining our strengths of broad-spectrum anti-establishment journalism, strategic partnerships with dozens of premier independent media outlets, and a huge network of activists and free thinkers from across the political spectrum, we’ve created a new homepage for the independent media movement. Anti-Media is a non-partisan, anti-establishment news publisher and crowd-curated media aggregator. Users can sign up, submit content, and decide where the content is located on the homepage by using Anti-Media’s voting system.”

Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia

“The Anti-Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia (ANAWA) acts as an umbrella group for organisations campaigning against the nuclearisation of Australia.”


“Australian news, and some related international items”

Antiwar Blog

Blog “Your best source of antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities”

“Your best source of antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities….This site is devoted to the cause of non-interventionism and is read by libertarians, pacifists, leftists, “greens,” and independents alike, as well as many on the Right who agree with our opposition to imperialism. Our initial project was to fight against intervention in the Balkans under the Clinton presidency. We applied the same principles to Clinton’s campaigns in Haiti and Kosovo and bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan. Our politics are libertarian: our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne’s concept that “War is the health of the State.” With every war, America has made a “great leap” into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, “it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State].” At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power. “


“Apache-Stronghold, San Carlos, Arizona, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit community organization of grassroots organizers coming together to battle continued colonization, defend holy sites and freedom of religion, and is dedicated to building a better community through neighborhood programs and civic engagement.”

Appalachian Voices

“Appalachian Voices has been the region’s grassroots advocate for healthy communities and environmental protection for over 20 years, and a leading force in Appalachia’s shift from fossil fuels to clean energy and a just future.”

Arctic Sea Ice Blog

“interesting news and data” (scientific)

Are your vegetables Veganic? – The Veganic Agriculture Network

A 1 page pdf explaining what veganic means and information on the Veganic Agriculture Network including links to find out more.

Arid Lands Environment Centre

“The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) is central Australia’s peak environmental organisation that has been advocating for the protection of nature and ecologically sustainable development in the arid lands since 1980.”

Arid Lands Environment Centre – Latests News

News. “The Arid Lands Environment Centre (ALEC) is central Australia’s peak environmental organisation that has been advocating for the protection of nature and growing sustainable communities in the arid lands since 1980.”

Arms Control Association

“The Arms Control Association, founded in 1971, is a national nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to promoting public understanding of and support for effective arms control policies.”

ARRC Wildlife Trust

“Our Mission: -To provide specialised services, programmes and facilities for the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife and animals. -To demonstrate, educate and inform our community about the importance of respect and responsibility for the well being of our wildlife, animals and natural heritage.”

Article 20 Network

“The Article 20 Network was formed by activists whose personal experiences convinced them that, despite a blooming global protest movement, encroachments on and negative attitudes toward public demonstrations were threatening expression. Someone had to stand up for those who stand up. The Article 20 Network defends and advances the human right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly worldwide. Here’s how. The Article 20 Network calls attention to abridgments of and assaults on the freedom of assembly and fosters positive public attitudes toward assembly and its practitioners. Our team brings a variety of experiences as human rights scholars, lawyers, nonviolence experts, and activists. Together, we form a passionate, results-driven team devoted to a vision of humanity enjoying the benefits of thriving democracies perpetually balanced by public demonstration.”

Articles by Glenn Greenwald on Salon Media Group

“Salon Media Group has driven the national conversation since 1995 through its fearless journalism”

Asha Sanctuary

“Asha Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Not for Profit Organization that rescues, rehabilitates and provides shelter to abused farmed animals. “

Association Defensa Derechos Animal (Defending Animal Rights)

“The Association’s work and aims are based mainly on the following areas: Denounce the abuse and ill treatment of animals. Promote and participate in drawing up appropriate legal standards. Pressurise through acts of protest or vindication. Information and awareness campaigns. Preparing and publishing educational programmes. Editing publications and awareness material. Promote participation platforms in favour of respecting animals. The people that direct the NGO, and set up activity programmes, do so full time, voluntarily and generously.”