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Radical Compassion: Our Evolutionary Imperative

We find ourselves accelerating towards the precipice of extinction. How did we get here? And is there any way we can avoid hurtling into the abyss? The concept of "Radical Compassion" offers us an intriguing lens through which to find some answers to these questions.

Nuclear Fuel Buried 108 Feet from the Sea

“The most toxic substance on Earth is separated from exposure to society by ½” of steel encased in a canister,” said renowned nuclear expert Paul Blanch in reference to spent fuel rods removed from San Onofre Nuclear Generation Plant buried near the sea on California’s southern coastline 50 miles north of San Diego.

If Fukushima’s Water is Safe, Then Drink it!

By now, the world knows all about the decision by Japan to dump tritium-laced radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. According to Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, the treated and diluted water will be “safe to drink.”

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Foundational Attachment – The Key to Humanity’s Survival?

In this brief presentation, Dr Paris Williams discusses the concept of "Foundational Attachment" - a deep sense of belonging to and connection with the Earth and Cosmos - and how this concept can help us understand how we've arrived at this precipice of our own extinction; and how it may guide us back into harmony with the Gaian system.

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