The Conscious Living Resolution

Let’s all work together…

…to foster Wellbeing for the Whole Being

…to commit to the The Conscious Living Resolution (see below)

…to make the world a healthier home for all living beings and living systems.

Print a copy

Print a copy (pdf) of the Conscious Living Resolution and post it up where you can easily see it.

If the whole thing feels like too much of a commitment, try committing to just one or two items at a time, or tackling one of the more difficult items by setting up a series of steps…

The Conscious Living Resolution

I will keep in mind that every dollar I spend is a vote in support of the business(es) from which I am purchasing.

I will do my best to put an end to harmful industries and practices while supporting those that consider the wellbeing of all people, our fellow Earthlings and the environment.

In doing this in all of my choices, I am joining and supporting a community of millions of caring people around the world who are working hard to make this world a better place for all.

To do all of this simply yet strongly, I pledge to make conscious choices whenever possible by following my internal nonviolent compass to:

Eat a plant-based diet for human health, the environment and to be kind to animals

Grow my own food and/or buy locally grown food for the benefit of the environment and my own wellbeing

Buy/barter products and services from small, independent, locally owned, and/or cooperative businesses

Purchase organic foods and clothing

Support fair labor (union-made, fair-made, fair-trade certified)

Purchase products that are cruelty-free (not tested on animals)

Pursue sustainable transportation:  walking, cycling, public transport, electric

Pursue renewable energy options like solar and wind power

Support humane charities with time and/or dollars

Understand the corporate control of mainstream news and information, and instead tune in to independent sources and learn how to educate myself

Simplify my life—use less, recycle, and buy used/recycled

Tend to my own personal growth and healing

Be kind. Consider the effects of my actions on all other living beings.

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