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CNCL has an international focus but is based in New Zealand. Therefore, our calendar focuses on 3 broad locations of events:

  • Online, such as webinars (since these are accessible to most people throughout the world)
  • On-site in New Zealand
  • On-site outside of New Zealand  (focusing on the most important events related to our mission)

Additionally, we separate events based on the event Hosts:

  • CNCL  (those that we personally host)
  • CNCL-affiliate  (those hosted by our close affiliates)
  • Non-CNCL  (those hosted by other organizations)

You can also filter your search by specific Region or use the Search Box.

As for the kinds of events we display here…

     …in accordance with our mission to foster the repair and re-connection among the different domains of our “whole being,” our calendar generally emphasizes sustainable/compassionate nutrition, lifestyle and veganism; organic/veganic gardening and farming; ecovillages and sustainable community; green building and renewable energies; ecotherapy approaches (such as The Work that Reconnects); conflict resolution and Nonviolent Communication [NVC];  and healing from various types of trauma (personal, relational and ecological).

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March 2022
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