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About this Calendar...

CNCL has an international focus but is based in New Zealand. Therefore, our calendar focuses on 3 broad locations of events:

  • Online, such as webinars (since these are accessible to most people throughout the world)
  • On-site in New Zealand
  • On-site outside of New Zealand  (focusing on the most important events related to our mission)

Additionally, we separate events based on the event Hosts:

  • CNCL  (those that we personally host)
  • CNCL-affiliate  (those hosted by our close affiliates)
  • Non-CNCL  (those hosted by other organizations)

You can also filter your search by specific Region or use the Search Box.

As for the kinds of events we display here…

     …in accordance with our mission to foster the repair and re-connection among the different domains of our “whole being,” our calendar generally emphasizes sustainable/compassionate nutrition, lifestyle and veganism; organic/veganic gardening and farming; ecovillages and sustainable community; green building and renewable energies; ecotherapy approaches (such as The Work that Reconnects); conflict resolution and Nonviolent Communication [NVC];  and healing from various types of trauma (personal, relational and ecological).

Continuous Events

Navigating Global Crisis: Developing Personal and Collective Resilience [A Recorded Webinar]

Cost: Free/donation

Duration: 2 hours

About:  This is a recording of a webinar that Dr Paris Williams has hosted a number of times throughout 2020

We find ourselves in an extraordinary time...

The COVID-19 crisis presents us with a strong taste of a globally shared crisis, and yet this is likely to be just the first of a series of serious global crises that we, personally and collectively, imminently face.

We see steadily increasing signs of the unraveling of many of the social systems many of us have generally taken for granted—government, economic, healthcare, social support, and international relations, to name just a few.

Even more ominous are increasing signs of the breakdown of our deepest life support systems—the many Earth systems (ocean, terrestrial and climate) that our food web and our lives depend upon.

Understandably, many people are already experiencing strong reactions to this precarious situation, ranging from avoidance and denial on one extreme to overwhelming despair, anger or fear on the other extreme...

...and yet we also see the stirrings of people and organizations offering great care and kindness in the midst of hardship; generosity in the face of scarcity.

Is it possible that such global crises may ultimately act as a catalyst for profound positive transformation, both personally and collectively? Can "breaking down" ultimately be an essential step in the path towards "breaking through" into greater resilience, harmony and health?

If you find yourself resonating and/or grappling with these issues, or if you’re in the position to support others in working with them, then we warmly invite you to join us in this free workshop as we:

  • Bring mindful attention to our own feelings, needs and values around these issues
  • Empathize with and be heard by others who share these concerns
  • Consider these issues from well-established frameworks of psychological, ecological and systems theories – drawing particularly from the principles of trauma healing, complex systems change, evolution and emergence
  • Connect more fully with our personal values and explore how these can act as our guides through difficult times
  • Explore specific actions we can take to care for ourselves and others

This webinar weaves together interactive dialogue and practice, mindfulness, and various forms of media to provide a rich and engaging experience.

13 - 17 Jul

Earn your Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate – eCornell University

Cost: $1,071 USD

Duration:  Approx. 6-7hrs/week; 6 weeks; self-paced

About: In a few short weeks, arm yourself with the knowledge you need to improve your overall health, learn new skills, or even inspire a career change. 

In our online, video-based courses, you'll learn from over 20+ leading experts on topics that include:

  • The science behind a plant-based diet
  • The role nutrition plays in chronic disease
  • How to implement whole food, plant-based meals
  • The impact of food production on the environment
  • Trend diets, including gluten-free, low-carb, paleo, keto, etc.
  • How government and industry can affect dietary choices
  • Common topics of concern to athletes such as protein consumption
  • And much more!

This program is offered in partnership with renowned online education provider, eCornell. eCornell, Cornell University’s online learning platform, provides online professional and executive development to students around the world. They offer more than 60 award-winning professional certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines.

14 - 17 Jul

The World Peace Diet – Training Programs by Dr Will Tuttle

4-week Mastery Program

Cost: $65 USD

8-week Facilitator Training

Cost: $180 USD

12-week (combined training)

Cost: $215 USD

*All of these allow a 2nd person to join you for free

About the courses: To those of you familiar with it, Will Tuttle’s The World Peace Diet presents a large-scale vision for the transformation of our culture based on understanding the hidden and remarkably powerful implications of our food choices.

Society's social, environmental, and health problems are escalating rapidly. Yet, mainstream media (and even most alternative media) remain virtually silent on the importance of food and vegan values. The time has come for an effective and enthusiastic grass-roots educational movement to rise up and build a more enlightened society that cares for everyone--a society that reflects the wisdom and compassion of our true nature.

That’s why Dr. Will Tuttle has created these World Peace Diet training programs.

These programs include direct instruction and Q&A with Dr. Tuttle. With the 8 or 12 week programs, you will be certified as a World Peace Diet Facilitator upon successful completion of the course, giving you the deeper understanding, confidence, and credibility that helps you be more effective in this growing and important movement.This enriching self-paced eight-week program offers digital recordings of twelve hours of Dr. Tuttle's in-depth discussion of all of the teachings of The World Peace Diet, plus exercises and Q&A to give you increased insight.

The programs also includes guest lectures by knowledgeable vegan experts such as Dr. Janice Stanger of The Perfect Formula Diet and Sassy Knutson of VeganCoach.com, as well as access to community forums, valuable supplemental readings and special videos by Dr. Tuttle and his wife Madeleine, vegan chef extraordinaire. 

15 - 17 Jul
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Living in the Gift – Charles Eisenstein

Cost: Donation-based

Duration: The self-guided version is a 14-session series of recordings including webinars, interviews, stories, discussion, and what I call “seed questions” for meditation and practice.

Description: To inhabit more fully the spirit of Gift is to transform life within us and around us. It is a journey of trust, an exploration of synchronicity, a recalibrating of boundaries, a step into community, a discovery of purpose, and an invitation to friendship with the world.

This self-guided, self-paced course is an induction into the habits and perceptions of the Gift. Everything is on the table: economic and social, psychological and relational, spiritual and cosmological.

We will see the power that comes from developing the foundational understanding that life is a gift, that the world is a gift, and that the cosmos operates on the principles of gift.

Living in the Gift is my most ambitious online course to date. It was recorded over the course of three-month with an initial cohort of participants, in which themes and inquiries emerged organically. The self-guided version is a 14-session series of recordings including webinars, interviews, stories, discussion, and what I call “seed questions” for meditation and practice. ...
16 - 17 Jul
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