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  • More on the U.S.-Backed Bolivia Coup: Stealing Bolivia’s Lithium?
    Bolivia’s president Evo Morales was overthrown in a military coup on November 10. He is now in Mexico. Before being forced into exile by a miltary coup November 10, Morales had been involved in a long project to bring economic and social democracy to his long-exploited country. Bolivia has suffered a series of coups, often conducted by the military and the oligarchy on behalf of transnational mining companies. Initially, these were tin firms, but now the main target is its massive deposits of lithium, crucial for the electric car. […]
  • Neoliberalism Backfires
    Massive, continuous demonstrations in the streets around the world bespeak a universal threat that neoliberalism’s self-immolation will grow worse and worse if it continues its horribly stale rotted emphasis on globalization and austerity of social programs as the answers for progress. It’s backfiring. […]
  • Bolivia – A Color Revolution – or a New Surge for Latin American Independence?
    It’s become a classic. It’s being called a Color Revolution, and it’s been taking place on all Continents. US interference in the affairs of other countries for the continued enrichment of their elites is endless, merciless, reckless, without scruples and deadly. Bolivia is just the latest victim. […]
  • Why Was the Bolivian President Overthrown by a U.S. Backed Coup? Listen to His Recent UN Speech
    Evo Morales, the democratically elected President of Bolivia, was forced from office by a military coup immediately after his election, with plenty of evidence to suggest it was backed by the United States. Does this courageous speech he recently gave at the UN lend some insight into the cause? […]
  • November’s Best Environmental Books (Listed by The Revelator)
    This month’s new books dig deep into the need for diverse environmentalists, climate adaptation, wildlife coexistence and the Green New Deal. […]