Written by Caitlin Johnstone

We each have an eye deep inside us, and it is all the same eye, and it is the universe’s eye.

The eye wants the same thing any eye wants: to see.

The eye wants to see it all, especially that which is hidden. That which is hidden behind veils of unconsciousness. That which is hidden behind veils of government secrecy. That which is hidden behind veils of propaganda.

The eye just wants things to come into visibility. Your unprocessed childhood trauma buried deep in your subconscious. Secret government documents about the misdeeds of the powerful. The truth about what’s happening in the world behind all the establishment narrative spin. The truth of what’s happening at the heart of consciousness.

The eye doesn’t discriminate. Doesn’t favor any one type of movement into visibility over any other. It just wants to see. To see it all.

The eye loves to see previously unconscious psychological dynamics brought into the light of consciousness through intensive therapy and inner work.

The eye loves to see the truth about abusive power dynamics brought into the light of consciousness by leaks and investigative journalism.

The eye loves to see the truth about what’s happening in the world punch through the confusion and distortion of mass media manipulation.

The eye loves to see the truth of your being brought into the light of consciousness by meditation and self enquiry.

The eye loves to see. The eye loves seeing. The eye loves what it sees.

What is God’s will? If you can accept that God is consciousness (a tall order in the west but not so much in the east), then knowing what God wants is not difficult, because knowing what consciousness wants is not difficult.

Consciousness desires consciousness, and consciousness desires objects to be conscious of. It is that simple.

Consciousness desires for there to be a universe to be conscious of, and consciousness desires to be as conscious of that universe is possible.

This is why there is a universe. This is also why there is sentient life in the universe perceiving it. This is also why, among that sentient life, are large-brained primates with greatly expanded capacity for perception and understanding.

Consciousness created the universe in order to have something to be conscious of, and consciousness created conscious life forms to facilitate that conscious expansion. Like the universe itself life started out simple, and its capacity for conscious exploration was very limited. In the appearance of time, life evolved greater and greater capacity for sensory input, then it evolved capacity for abstract thought and language.

Now the universe is not only capable of consciously perceiving itself and exploring itself, but of learning about itself and thinking about itself as well. It is now capable of learning about its history, learning about how its parts work, learning with more and more consciousness how it is happening.

That consciousness is the eye that is in all of us. We are all one with the universe’s conscious exploration of itself. We are all participating in the one consciousness’s loving exploration of its creation.

For this reason, learning about yourself and bringing consciousness to your inner processes is doing the will of the eye, is doing the will of consciousness, is doing the will of God.

So is being a scientist.

So is being an artist.

So is being a teacher.

So is being an investigative journalist.

So is being a truth teller.

So is being an activist.

So is being a spiritual coach.

So is being a psychonaut.

Wherever you are either participating in the expansion of consciousness or making new things to be conscious of, you are doing what the eye wants, because the eye loves seeing and the eye loves having things to see. You are participating in the dance of consciousness. You are doing the will of God.

We are here to participate in the expansion of consciousness.

Our world appears disordered at the moment because much of it is deeply unconscious. Humanity is mostly unconscious of its inner dynamics and sleepwalks through life in a very destructive way. People loaded with unconscious trauma ascend to positions of power and spread their trauma around without consciousness. Government secrecy and corporate secrecy keep most power dynamics which affect the world unconscious. Propaganda distorts humanity’s collective efforts to consciously perceive the reality of our situation.

Wherever there is a lack of clear seeing, there is disharmony. Wherever anything moves into consciousness, harmony is increased. Becoming individually conscious of unconscious mental habits created in response to early childhood trauma allows us to change or eliminate those habits and begin functioning more harmoniously. Becoming collectively conscious of racial inequality allows us to collectively begin moving toward racial harmony. Becoming collectively conscious of the abuses of tyranny allows us to collectively begin moving toward political harmony. Wherever there is more seeing, there is more harmony.

This is why we are here. To make the unseen seen and to dispel illusions which distort our perception. The more visible the universe and humanity’s dance in it becomes to us, the more harmony there will be.

We create a harmonious world by doing the will of the eye. We create a harmonious world by expanding consciousness, inwardly and outwardly, at every opportunity.

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