10th annual Global Earth Exchange: Daring to Bear Witness

A Free International Event

The Earth gives so much to us. And on the day of the Global Earth Exchange, we have the opportunity to give back!

The Global Earth Exchange is the day when people around the world to go places that have been hurt or endangered and bring them attention and spontaneous, collaborative gifts of beauty. To do this work takes fierce love of a place and the courage to face it when it’s fallen on hard times! Recognizing that we can’t change the world outside us—or the world within—without first confronting the challenges before us, we take these steps:

  1. Go with friends or alone to a wounded place
  2. Share your stories of what the place means to you
  3. Get to know the place as it is now
  4. Share what you discovered
  5. Make a gift of beauty for the place out of materials the place itself offers. Often that gift is the RadJoy Bird made of sticks, stones, twigs, flowers, or even trash that the place itself provides.

Join a registered event (you’ll find an interactive map on our website), or register your own. When you register your 2019 Global Earth Exchange on our website, we will send you a free 7 x 10-inch hand-painted banner with our logo on it.

The event is finished.


22 Jun 2019


All Day



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