Leilani Farm Sanctuary

“A gentle cow munches contentedly in a shaded corner of rolling green pasture overlooking the sparkling Pacific. Goats frolic, deer bask in the warm sun, pigs roll happily in the mud, and a pair of inseparable donkeys anticipate sweet nibbles of carrots and apples. Friendly chickens cluck and turkeys gobble, while ducks and geese splash in ponds. Rabbits and guinea pigs scamper through cool gardens. Exotic flowers bloom. And cats by the dozen greet visitors with expectant purrs. This is Leilani Farm Sanctuary—an island paradise for rescued animals where compassion for all living beings reigns. Located on eight lush acres of pure love, this all-volunteer, non-profit sanctuary on Maui saves animals destined for slaughter or orphaned after hunters took their mothers and educates the community on the humane treatment of animals. Tour the farm and meet the Leilani Farm Sanctuary ambassadors, and consider sponsoring one or more of the animals who touch your heart and help us continue our mission of providing hope and education, one life at a time.”

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