Description:  “Here is the definitive guide on circles with planners in mind. Primal and potent in equal measure, the circle is the basis for all good conversation. It is well nigh indispensable today for those practicing planning as collective communicative action whereby common, meaning-filled places get made. [This book] presses many of the hot buttons for planners looking to be more relevant and effective in today’s world, while also stretching minds into the realm of hearts and souls. Circles may be regarded as a conduit for tapping the precious galvanizing spirit in their communities and (if professional planners dare admit it) in themselves. This is a timely call for planners to consciously circle their praxis … to realize fuller, fairer processes and to facilitate a democratics that can transcend mere politics and contribute to a more just society. –Ian Wight, Associate Professor, City Planning, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg” (Review)


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