Description:  “Veganic farms can be found across the country, but until today, finding them required detective work. Thanks to the work of Professor Mona Seymour at Loyola Marymount University, we are excited to share a map of self-identified veganic, vegan organic, and stockfree organic farms in the United States. The map also includes farms that identify with a method that is veganic in its nature. For the purposes of this mapping project, veganic is defined as growing organically and without inputs from farmed (or formerly farmed) animals. All farms listed here have commercial, charity, educational, or research components (on top of any subsistence function that the farm may have) – they are farms that bring veganic produce or knowledge to a broader community. These farms grow vegetables, fruits, grains, and other food items; the map does not include marijuana farms. Some of the farms on this map are not entirely veganic but might be featured because they exclusively use veganic methods on some of their fields. Click on the dots for details about each farm.”


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