Description:  “In my opinion, the so-called Paleo diet is a diet of destruction – destruction of billions of animals, leading to the destruction of the humans who eat them and, ultimately, to the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems upon which we all depend for life. Is the Paleo diet the way of the future (or even of the past)? I don’t think so and I urge you not to be seduced by the siren-song of the Paleo promoters. Instead, there is solid evidence that a whole-food, plant-based diet – with far less death and destruction involved in its production and consumption – is the truly healing diet for people and our planet.”


Resource Type(s):  Article/Post

Location:  (Universal)

Accessibility:  Online-Free

Wellness Domains:  Earth, Earthlings, Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Vegan/Vegetarian

Harmful Practices Critiqued:  Animal Farming