Description:  “Vegan permaculture is the new black! (Or is it green?) Actually it’s more than just a fad, it’s the evolutionary expansion of traditional permaculture. Vegan permaculture is the true path to healing our fellow Earthlings, the environment and humanity in a way that causes the least amount of harm as possible to everyone and everything. Vegan permaculture is a ‘wholistic’ solution to most of our world’s problems…vegan permaculture can empower people to be more informed about all their decisions and ways of living; especially regarding food production. To become skilled at growing a percentage of our own clean, vibrant and nutrient dense food, and to become competent in designing our personal, business and community spaces is profound, uplifting and inspiring, and can happen in urban or rural locations. Vegan permaculture is all about designing for the needs of humans in the most peaceful, compassionate and mindful way that benefits humans, the animals and the environment.”


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