Description:  “Amplifying the voices of those in California’s solitary confinement in their call for an end to torture…The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition (PHSS)- originating in the San Francisco Bay Area and made up of grassroots organizations, family members, formerly incarcerated people, lawyers, and individuals- formed in 2011 to amplify the voices of CA prisoners on hunger strike striving to achieve their Five Core Human Rights Demands. The coalition continues to work in solidarity with CA prisoners and their families to amplify prisoners’ voices and end the torture that is solitary confinement.”


Resource Type(s):  Full Website, Actions/Events

Location:  (Universal) California, USA

Accessibility:  Online-Free, Offline-Free, Offline-paid

Wellness Domains:  Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Political Campaigning, Reduc. Poverty/Inequality

Harmful Practices Critiqued:  Prison Systems, Social Inequality