Description:  “Are you ready to rewild your heart so you can undomesticate your life? The wild in you hears the calling of your soul. It is your true nature and most authentic self. For far too long we have lived domesticated lives perpetuated by our domestication of others. In doing so, we cut ourselves off from the wisdom of the wild. I’m here to help you restore the connection to your soul’s guidance through a body of work I call Sanctuary13; a set of 13 practically applied principles that can undomesticate your life and empower you to be the person you were meant to be. Our animal kin have a lot to teach us about the true power and unconditional nature of love. Using Sanctuary13, I guide people in revolutionizing their relationships with animals, removing obstacles that are likely keeping them from leading a truly fulfilling and inspired life. The animals, of course, benefit tremendously as well.”


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