Description:  “For 40 years, the French company AREVA, the world leader in civilian nuclear power, derives nearly 40% of its uranium production from North Niger, a country still ranked today as one of the 3 poorest in the world. In 2007, Areva loses its monopoly and the Nigerian state receives license applications from North American, Australian, Asian and South African companies. Although Azelik, future large-scale exploitation, was granted to the Chinese via the Sino-U (CNUC) company, Areva has nevertheless recently obtained the authorization to exploit the huge Imouraren site with which Niger should become the 2nd largest producer worldwide…We call on the French government, the European Union and international bodies : -to put pressure on the Nigerian authorities to respect human rights standards, in particular non-derogable human rights. We urgently call on the French government, the Nigerian government, the European Union and international bodies : -to recognize the urgency of the humanitarian crisis related to mining operations. -to make every effort to help the victims of the conflict (displaced, refugees, detainees). -immediate action for a quick and equitable return to peace.”


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Harmful Practices Critiqued:  Nuclear Power, Mining, Social Inequality