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Animal Freedom

“Animal Freedom (SZ) is a nationwide non-profit organization for the protection of animal rights, bringing together people sympathetic to its goals. It is based on the idea that every life has its own unrepeatable value, which is not dependent on the momentary evaluation by man.”

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A world without wars and violence

International Humanist Organization. World Goals without Wars and Violence: -Global nuclear disarmament, -Withdrawal of troops from occupied territories, -Reducing arms spending. -Concluding international non-aggression treaties and making states renounce war as a way to resolve conflicts

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World without Wars and Violence – Videos

Videos: “-World without Wars and Violence – presentation of activities in the Czech Republic, -Increasing peace or growing destruction, -Drum flashmob for nuclear disarmament, -A world without wars and violence on a demonstration against a crossing American convoy across the territory of the Czech Republic, -History repeats. To laugh or cry?, -What is active nonviolence: M. Gandhi, -What is active non-violence: M. L . King, -Noam Chomsky on the crisis in Ukraine, -Short history of NATO, 1949 – 2015”

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