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Bure Stop

“This project of gigantic ATOMIC UNDERGROUND POUBELLE at least 500m underground has been underway since 1994, as a result of the 1991 law on the management of nuclear waste. The second law of June 2006 focused on BURE, a clay site in the Meuse , near the Haute-Marne, via a pseudo “laboratory” of geological research. The third law of 2016 activates the beginning of Cigeo , via a so-called “pilot phase”, which has nothing to do with research. This is the first industrial phase of the project (about 25% of the estimated total cost!). In 2019, Andra must file its application for authorization to create (DAC) and the worksite would then start, if granted. However, many preparatory works, very controversial on the ground, were launched at the end of 2015. 15 km2 are annexed between 4 Meuse villages : Bure, Ribeaucourt, Bonnet and Mandres to build huge infrastructure and 300 km of galleries. A future no man’s land? Who can want to live near such a site? This landfill project, refocused today at BURE, concerned 25 sites in France and is the object of very strong mobilizations and oppositions … which are not ready to finish.”

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Stop EPR

“Because we refuse the perpetuation of nuclear threat on the planet; Because we deny the French nuclear lobby the right to impose a new reactor on us (French people and the rest of the world); Because we reject the confusion between state service to the public (“service public d’état”) and nuclear lobbying interest; Because we know this useless investment will end up as a burden on consumers and future generations in France and elsewhere; Because we want a future made of clean, decentralized, safe and renewable energies; Together, let’s say NO to the EPR, Yes to energy alternatives and let’s sign the call”

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Stop Fessenheim

“Stop Fessenheim is a young association created in October 2005 after having worked for a year and a half as a collective, its goal is the concrete defense of the right of citizens to safeguard their lives, their health and the viability of the land where they live against the potential danger of radioactive pollution and nuclear accident that represents the continued operation of the Fessenheim power station.”

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Réseau Sortir du nucléaire

“Our role : To bring together all the people who wish to express their will for a nuclear exit. By gathering around a Charter, we are putting together a balance of power to achieve concrete results. Our objective : To obtain the abandonment of the nuclear power in France thanks to another energy policy, by promoting in particular the control of the energy, and the development of other means of electrical production.”

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Peace Factory

“At Peace Factory, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is our source of inspiration for communication, dialogue and conflict resolution…Peace Factory comes to life as an adult training center and eco-hamlet cooperative, firmly rooted in valuing the needs of every human being. The transformation of the site, initiated in spring 2009 aims to develop a place of eco-cohabitation, integrating a training and well-being center anchored in the development of universal human needs.”

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One Voice

“There may be no fighting but there is one fight and that is against violence, One Voice acts to reverse it wherever it develops and on whoever the victim is. It defends animal and planetary ethics. It fights for all sentient beings, for the recognition of the status of animal personhood and the “link” between violence to animals and humans.
One Voice, law association 1908, was created by Muriel Arnal in 1995. It operates in France and in the world for the respect of life in all its forms and denounces both animal exploitation and its consequences ethically, environmentally and healthily. It develops campaigns of lobbying and sensitization relying in particular on the work from investigations by its investigators and reports from experts. It works with international NGOs, sanctuaries and shelters around the world where its actions are useful.”

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