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German website – Anti-nuclear. “.ausgestrahlt ist eine seit 2008 bundesweit tätige Anti-Atom-Organisation. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass der Betrieb von Atomanlagen ein schwerwiegendes Unrecht ist, weil er Mensch und Umwelt schädigt. Unfälle wie in Fukushima und Tschernobyl können sich jederzeit wiederholen. Der strahlende Müll wird noch viele Generationen belasten.”

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Society for Threatened Peoples

“The Society for Threatened Peoples has for 50 years been an incorruptible voice for “those who have no voice”. We are working as a human rights organization for a world that respects the rights of ethnic and religious minorities and nationalities. We are committed to indigenous peoples because they represent the diversity of the world and the heritage of humanity.”

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people for animal rights – federation of animal experiment opponents ev

“Animals are sentient beings. Yet they suffer millions in animal experiments, in industrial agriculture, in slaughterhouses, farms, zoos, circuses, in hunting, and as “domestic animals”. To end this mass suffering, we must finally give the animals their elemental rights – their rights to life and physical integrity, equal treatment and freedom. Our long-term goal: The human-animal relationship must change fundamentally.”

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Heinrich Böll Foundation

“The Heinrich Böll Foundation is a catalyst for green visions and projects, a think tank for policy reform, and an international network We work with 160 project partners in over 60 countries and currently maintain 29 international offices.”

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German Animal Welfare Association

“The goal of the German Animal Welfare Association is that every animal can lead a species-appropriate life. Be it in private households, in agriculture, in research and wherever humans deal with animals. We want animals to be protected in their natural habitats. Animal, nature and species protection are inseparable for us. Here you will learn everything about pets, animals in agriculture, animal experiments, wildlife, animal welfare abroad and how animals are protected by law.”

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Doctors Against Animal Experiments Germany

“We are a charitable organisation of doctors and scientists who work in the medical field. We support the immediate abolition of all animal experiments on ethical and scientific grounds. In order to make the cruel and unscientific nature of animal experiments public, we provide scientifically based information material on animal experiments both for doctors and scientists, as well as for the general public.”

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