Country: Ireland

Irish Anti Vivisection Society

“The IAVS campaigns peacefully for the law to be changed so that all animal experiments will be abolished… We believe it is morally wrong to deliberately inflict pain, suffering, emotional harm and death on animals for whatever purpose. Animal experiments, by definition, cannot be separated from some degree of pain and suffering. Using animals as substitutes for human beings in research and testing is scientifically questionable and experimental results are unreliable due to the numerous ‘species differences’ between animals and ourselves.”

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“This site publishes a large number of nonviolence resources including regular editions of ‘Nonviolent News’.”

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Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

“Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Co Meath, Ireland, is a vegan home where farmed animals who have been rescued from the animal use industries, are given sanctuary for life. At Eden they are regarded with the dignity and respect that is their right. We may be different species but we have equal fundamental rights not to be bred, owned, used, exploited, harmed or killed.”

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