Association for the Protection of Animals “Anima Mundi”

“The ANIMA MUNDI Animal Welfare Association is a citizen association created to initiate a commitment and public fight against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation by humans. We aim at individual and collective change of human consciousness and spreading awareness of the true nature of animals as beings that experience pain, suffering, fear. We believe that all living beings who feel they have a right to life and freedom. The ultimate goal of ANIMA MUNDI is to abolish all forms of animal abuse, torture and exploitation. ANIMA MUNDI’s vision is a humane world – a world free of violence, torture, exploitation of animals by humans and their perception as conscious and sensitive living beings naturally entitled to life and liberty. The mission of the association is to incite and lead the fight against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation by humans and act through 1) education (dissemination of information in order to create individual and collective awareness); 2) lobbying and cooperating with institutions for favorable legal framework and implementation of laws; as well as through 3) active field work. In this way it will contribute to the protection of animals and humanization of the Macedonian society as a whole.”

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