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The future is renewable

“Switzerland has everything it takes to secure its long-term supply on the basis of predominantly domestic and renewable energy sources and energy efficiency: natural, economic and financial resources as well as technological know-how. In order for the energy transition to succeed, it needs a clear framework, including as far as the nuclear phase-out is concerned. Nuclear power plants pose an unnecessary and unacceptable threat. They pollute the environment at all pre and post stages and leave nuclear waste behind. In addition, the construction of new nuclear power plants will hinder the development of a secure power supply with renewable energies and prevent incentives for (electricity) energy efficiency. The members of the Alliance nuclear phase-out commit themselves to the common goal of stopping the production of atomic energy. They are making political efforts to avert the construction of new nuclear power plants in Switzerland. “

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Swiss League against Animal Experimentation and Animal Rights (LSCV)

“In accordance with Article 2 of its statutes, the LSCV aims at the total abolition of “the practice of medical, scientific or commercial experiments on animals”. It undertakes to “obtain throughout Switzerland, legislation that ensures the defense and respect of the rights of the animal” , and to allow “the constant improvement of this legislation and to constantly monitor its application strict “. It promotes and financially encourages “the creation of new methods of scientific research” allowing the suppression of animal experimentation. It particularly encourages and supports so-called alternative (or alternative) methods, which use human tissues or cells ( in vitro models ), for example from biopsies performed in hospitals, or bioinformatic data ( in silico models ).”

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