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The Western Mining Action Network (WMAN)

“The Western Mining Action Network’s (WMAN) mission is to foster and support a strong network that protects communities, land, water, air, and wildlife by reforming mining practices and holding government and corporations accountable. More than 300 individuals representing organizations, communities, tribes, and First Nations participate in WMAN. “

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Mohawk Nation News

“Mohawk Nation News service began during the Mohawk/Oka crisis of 1990 by providing updates on the resistance. MNN grew to become an internationally recognized news service providing independent indigenous commentary on land, legal, culture, history, and current issues as they affect the nation.”

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Main Street Vegan

“I’m Victoria Moran, and I’ve been vegan for over three decades. This way of living becomes more rewarding, and more important, all the time, and I’d love to share its joys with you. Check out the Main Street Vegan podcast, our weekly blog, and — if you’re a vegan already and want to take your outreach to the next level — the exciting Main Street Vegan Academy program, training and certifying Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators.”

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James Lawson Institute

“The James Lawson Institute (JLI) was established in 2013 by the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict, Washington, DC. It is now independent. The institute offers periodic assemblies for individuals to have an intensive learning experience in the basic theories and practice of the historic technique of nonviolent action. The institute stands in the tradition of Mohandas K. Gandhi, Alice Paul, Rosa Parks, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ella Baker, Cesar Chavez and Delores Huerta, the anti-apartheid United Democratic Front of South Africa, and other individuals and struggles that have helped to improve nonviolent resistance as a method for social change.”

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“We’re insanely passionate about helping the world eat less meat. That’s why we make delicious meatless chick’n tenders, meatless meatballs, and more. Now you can skip meat for a meal, or a month, without skipping your favorite foods.”

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Disciples Peace Fellowship

“Founded in 1935 at the International Convention of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in San Antonio, Texas, DPF began with 75 dedicated individuals, and is now one of the largest independent but integrally related organizations within the denomination. It is also the oldest existing Peace Fellowship of any denomination in the United States. Disciples Peace Fellowship is dedicated to the elimination of war and the Biblical principles of peace and justice. We serve as a voice to/for members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) who long for peace and justice to be at the forefront of our teachings and witness.”

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