Navigating Global Crisis: Developing Personal and Collective Resilience [A Free Online Workshop]

Facilitated by Dr Paris Williams

Due to popular demand, we’re repeating this workshop on the 9th of July, 2020 (NZ day/time)…

We find ourselves in an extraordinary time…

The COVID-19 crisis presents us with a strong taste of a globally shared crisis, and yet this is likely to be just the first of a series of serious global crises that we, personally and collectively, imminently face.

We see steadily increasing signs of the unraveling of many of the social systems many of us have generally taken for granted—government, economic, healthcare, social support, and international relations, to name just a few.

Even more ominous are increasing signs of the breakdown of our deepest life support systems—the many Earth systems (ocean, terrestrial and climate) that our food web and our lives depend upon.

Understandably, many people are already experiencing strong reactions to this precarious situation, ranging from avoidance and denial on one extreme to overwhelming despair, anger or fear on the other extreme…

…and yet we also see the stirrings of people and organizations offering great care and kindness in the midst of hardship; generosity in the face of scarcity.

Is it possible that such global crises may ultimately act as a catalyst for profound positive transformation, both personally and collectively? Can “breaking down” ultimately be an essential step in the path towards “breaking through” into greater resilience, harmony and health?

If you find yourself resonating and/or grappling with these issues, or if you’re in the position to support others in working with them, then we warmly invite you to join us in this free workshop as we:

  • Bring mindful attention to our own feelings, needs and values around these issues
  • Empathize with and be heard by others who share these concerns
  • Consider these issues from well-established frameworks of psychological, ecological and systems theories – drawing particularly from the principles of trauma healing, complex systems change, evolution and emergence
  • Connect more fully with our personal values and explore how these can act as our guides through difficult times
  • Explore specific actions we can take to care for ourselves and others

This workshop weaves together interactive dialogue and practice, mindfulness, and various forms of media to provide a rich and engaging experience.

Dr Paris Williams has degrees in ecology and psychology, specializing in humanistic, existential, transpersonal, somatic and ecological therapy approaches, and is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Hakomi Teacher. He’s conducted research on extreme states and radical personal transformation, and published the widely acclaimed book, Rethinking Madness. Native to the U.S., Paris has been living in New Zealand for 7 years, working as a clinical psychologist, running workshops, and establishing the Centre for Nonviolence and Conscious Living (

NZ time:  Thursday, 9th July, 1-4pm
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This workshop is free, though donations to The Centre for Nonviolence and Conscious Living (CNCL) are greatly appreciated.

Contact us if you have any questions→

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09 Jul 2020


NZ day/time
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Free - Donations welcome

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