NVC (Nonviolent Communication) for Therapists – Online Training

This training is specific for counselors, therapists, coaches, psychologists, mentors, social workers and anyone who is support roles for others.

 NVC is widely regarded around the world as one of the most simple yet effective methods for fostering effective communication and nourishing relationships. In this training, experienced therapist and NVC teacher Toni McErlane, applies the NVC framework to the particular skills most useful for helping professionals, particularly:

  • Developing strong client alliance
  • Process tracking
  • Authentic modeling in relationship
  • Client Education relating to self understanding and responsible communication
  • Relationship boundaries
  • The dynamics of power within relationships
  • Supporting clients in creating and moving towards life enhancing strategies
  • Mourning, healing and reconciliation

Join Toni for a fun and engaging program in which shhe will share with you  the fundamentals of NVC as a therapist in supporting your clients, and as a process to support your own wellbeing in a support role.

Dates & Time: Friday 10th April -Friday 29th May 1pm -3pm

Facilitator: Toni McErlane, B.Sc (Counselling)

Registration Deposit: $50 (refundable if workshop cancelled)

Total Investment: $180

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10 Apr 2020


NZ day/time
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


$180 NZD

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