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​Next Steps in Reconnecting with the Earth webinars–
an extension of the​ GCD Status Update for 7/14/2019

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New definition is becoming currently in the Mutual Benefit Society expanding around Global Community Designs in these present days. With the introduction of a Patreon account to bring our communities more so into the world, there are many new options and pathways to explore. Linked Reddit presence and activity on the Discord platform have been made available as a result of the Patreon expansion.

Your interest in our expanding life is appreciated–your contributions and suggestions are so very valuable to us, participation is key. The Allied Circles website will continue to serve as our central hub, our home base for the virtual presence of Global Community Designs. Thank you for being part of this glorious becoming, this shout out goes to all of us, every buddy!

The following are some key communications within the Reconnecting with the Earth webinar team to share:

​​​On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 4:35 PM Paris Williams wrote:

It was great to connect with you all again,

As discussed, here are a few links I’d like to share (mostly on our website – cncl.info):

–A comprehensive continuously updated news/blog feed of media articles related to holistic wellness (encompassing the wellness of self, humanity, Earthlings, and the Earth)

–A comprehensive and highly filterable resource library (still adding resources daily ): I have a different resource list related to “extreme states” here: http://www.rethinkingmadness.com/resources/4558983450

–The “Conscious Living Resolution” — my original hope for this, along with those at Nonviolence United who originally came up with the idea, was to develop something of a living “meme” that could go viral and support humankind in stepping out of apathy/hopelessness to taking here-and-now action (and reclaiming our power from the elites). Many of these ideas have gained popularity since this was first developed about 15yrs ago, but still clearly we have a long way to go…

–Diet Impact Calculators — encouraging people to consider that the one strategy we can all do right now to make a significant difference to our impact on the planet is the change how we eat

–A calendar of events (focusing on sustainable living, Nonviolent Communication, green building, deep ecology and other related events) — we plan to add many more events in coming weeks/months — please send me any relevant events you’d like us to include here

–A community forum – we’d be happy to use this as a platform to host any forums related to our mission. Just say the word, and I can set it up.

Finally, here is an article I recently wrote that some of you may enjoy. I’d love to hear your thoughts/reflections:

Reclaim our Power or Face Extinction: The Choice is Ours

Warm regards


Dr Paris Williams

Clinical Psychologist


On Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 3:08 PM Rev. Luke A Shootingstar wrote:

Aloha team,

Here is a new thread because

many of our communications

result in massively long threads.

It is amazing what we have though!

I want to say that if we can

start utilizing the forums

Paris and I have it will

improve our ability to

communicate together.

AND, it will also allow others

connected to us who wish to

become involved in the what

we have going on the ability

to do contribute to this too.

In Paris’ last email he shared

the forums and more at cncl.info,

and I have been promoting it.

Please look at the new features on

Allied Circles’ Earth Healing page,

when you get a chance, as it

now has forum features

for both of our sites:


Thanks for your time and energy,

we had a great meeting recently.

I’m still feeling charged from it!


On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 1:46 PM Rev. Luke A Shootingstar wrote:

Kia ora, Dear Sister and Brothers,

I pleased to announce that my comments

to elaborate upon my presentation of

some of our Next Steps is complete,

finally! a big task off my plate.

Although we did not feature it

in our webinar, it is quite alright,

good things come to those who wait.

Check it out when you get a chance,

comments are at the bottom of

the Earth Healing page at:


One more thing:

I do wish to add more organizations

to our Alliance in the Campaign

and some of you have suggested

some very strong candidates.

At this point there are too many

organizations to list in the Roster

for the Earth Healing Campaign.

One of my next tasks is to update

the method of listing organizations.

I intend to provide a link to view

the roster instead that will link to

a page at Allied Circles featuring

our alliances by partnership

and association…

The Earth Healing Campaign

is one such roster to display.

Love and Blessed Wishes,



~ Omnipresence is a very tall order, possible for us

through working and playing together…as allies ~

​On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 9:20 PM Paris Williams wrote:

Aloha, Reverend Luke and fellow Earth Jedis,

Thanks for these great resources. I’ve got them on my list now to add to CNCL’s resource library and post the articles in our blog over the next few weeks. While on the topic of sustainable building, I came across this article today encouraging simple steps for people to take to join in the movement towards creating pollinator/wilderness/habitat corridors: https://www.losaltosonline.com/special-sections2/sections/your-home/60353-

I was wondering how we could get some momentum to our forums. Perhaps we can send out invites to people to (a) submit a personal introduction (I’ve got a separate introduction forum at CNCL) and (b) pose a questions/comment/insight to the community…? Of course it would make sense for us to begin doing this ourselves… Other thoughts?

Clinical Psychologist


On Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 9:25 PM Rev. Luke A Shootingstar wrote:

Kia ora Earth Healers,

Thanks so much for your attempts

to be supportive in your special ways.

I am very curious about your travels

in Brazil, Chris, and if you thought

more about the Healing Field

accommodating a global network.

My words in this message may help

to envision how to achieve such as this.

And, I would love to hear all of your ideas

which may come out of your creative glory

as a result of taking this in. I know this

is a long email, but trust me, this is

my attempt to communicate some

very big stuff regarding Next Steps.

I have been wrestling with this stuff,

but perhaps we can share in this a little

to move the mountain, ultimately, together…

The future is full of variables and some

of us may continue on to remain

strong members of the team

and some may come and go

throughout the lifespan of

this great tradition. I feel

the desire to bring these ideas

up to share among us regardless.

The meeting we had for post webinar

briefing between us was powerful

with a lot of huge ideas that are

actually quite realistic goals.

In order to take things to

the next stage, I would like

to share my vision as to what

we need to do next. What do you

see for next important steps to take?

First step that I see is to establish

evidence of our commonality.

We are united in this tradition–

although we have the Article

and webinars in our portfolio,

as we know from being owners

and founders of businesses,

there are other pieces that

are needed as well for such

endeavors like securing funding.

Christine, you asked about what

displays our values last meeting,

the ethos, in a creed or charter,

when we were on the topic

of your travels to Brazil and

serving to connect with groups

you encounter there. I can

share these pieces which

are helpful to establish

evidence of commonality:

1. I hope this speaks to your interest effectively: The Grace Accord is the primary unifying instrument in this society which I founded; it is intended to unite organizations upon a common ground to sustain our bonds of respect, love, and trust together. I have also recently developed an online form for folks to indicate that they have adopted it in their life.

2. The second aspect of substantiating an alliance is a charter. I shared this with you, Paris and Oryx, last year. This is the Charter for Wellness Initiative Network (WIN), such an instrument is very important for a larger body made up of organizations like a network, partnership, or association. Paris, you may have noticed the themes I absorbed from the content you shared last year. It is good for these pieces to be influenced in their development from many of our contributions to represent our collective brilliance. This document version, thanks to input from some similarly brilliant minds, a couple months ago was finally pronounced as a final draft sharable with the public.

Although these instruments do not

communicate any financial obligations,

or duty to be responsible for our parts

in the Earth Healing campaign,

they are essential to demonstrate

we agree we have a common vision.

I think I mentioned last meeting

also that as an alliance we can

cite achievements of others

in our partnership when

seeking to build upon

our credibility. This is

how we do it, coming from

a more confident position

with evidence of bonds

is a very integral part.

Let’s work what we have,

maximize our potential for

interests of mutual benefit.

If we can embrace this level

of togetherness between us,

as organizations, I think we will

be in a better position to be taking

the Next Steps such as approaching

Resilient by Design, Crazy Wise film,

City Governments in San Francisco Bay,

and City Repair’s Board with a proposal

as Mark mentioned to accommodate

the development of training and

projects for Community Wellness.

I am pursuing alliances with a few

other well-respected organizations

to add to our roster in the Campaign,

among them, Crazy Wise, Iron Tribe,

and MindFreedom International–

and it appears iNAPS will likely

be removed in the near future.

Yes, you may have guessed, my energy

is seemingly insufficient to me also

simply because this is big stuff,

not entirely unrealistic though.

Mahalo ~


​On Sun, Jul 14, 2019 at 4:25 PM Rev. Luke A Shootingstar wrote:

Kia ora, fellow Earth Jedi,

This is a reposting per Paris’ request

with the City Repair link added in also:

I am reposting that article you shared, Paris,

onto City Repair’s Facebook page. That is

really in line with a big part of activities

that Mark and our crew focuses on.

He spoke about pollinator species support

in his presentation featured in The Calling.

I like your ideas for promoting the forums,

I am incorporating introduction to this

range of support with new members,

and as an option to participate in

webinar production team process.

I have been focusing on efforts

to promote these, actually now

there is a Reddit platform too!

It came about as a result of GCD

having presence on Patreon now.

Yes folks, there is now a platform

being developed on Patreon for

fundraising to fuel many efforts

projects in Global Community Designs,

like Reconnecting with the Earth webinars!


Woo hoo! Go team, onward and upward ~


~ Omnipresence is a very tall order, possible for us

through working and playing together…as allies ~