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Last week I caught up with both Mike Weaver
of International Association of Peer Supporters
and Oryx Cohen of National Coalition for
Mental Health Recovery both on
separate occasions and was able to
get some traction under our feet for
taking the next steps that are needed
to bring this effort to the next level
of influence. This is very significant.

The particular topic of discussion involves
rolling out specialist trainings for
facilitation of Community Wellness.
This is one of the big ways that we
realize the vision of Reconnecting with
the Earth for Personal and Global Healing.

Linking the wellness of the individual
and the planetary body in the same circle.
Peer Wellness Specialist, Peer Bridger,
and Community Wellness Specialist
are to be the focus roles to develop,
surely there are more possibilities.

Let us keep our goals realistic for now,
after all isn’t that a big part of
the recipe for success? In my
last post I also mentioned
the importance of evidence that
we are all united in a common vision.

We are growing and fortifying the platform…