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Cats In Need Trust

“We are an organisation that rescues cats and kittens that are unwanted, abandoned, or abused. The animals are cared for by foster carers around Auckland, where we bring them back to good health to go on to being adopted. All cats that are adopted through the Trust are spayed or neutered, wormed, vaccinated and microchipped. We are a registered charity and rely solely on public donations from fundraising and cat sponsorships. We charge an adoption fee of $130 per cat which helps to cover the costs associated with their care (some cats require additional care and can have slighty higher adoption costs).”

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Auckland Horse Havan

“Welcome to the Auckland Horse Haven. We are the leading Horse Re-homing Haven. The haven was founded in 2006. We have quickly become successful with retraining and working with all horses that otherwise had very uncertain futures. Please note while we are open most days for viewing for horse for rehoming, this must be booked and we are not open Sundays.”

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The Animal Sanctuary

“The Animal Sanctuary is a haven for all animals, with a focus on three main areas of work: Native Birds – We rehabilitate and release native New Zealand birds back into the wild. Rescue Animals – The Animal Sanctuary is a permanent home and refuge for abandoned, abused, and forgotten animals. Battery Hens We rehabilitate and rehome ex-battery hens throughout the Auckland region.”

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Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming Charitable Trust

“Founded in April 2013, the Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming Charitable Trust (HURRAH) is an independent, north Auckland based charity run solely by volunteers. Its objectives are to: -Rescue dogs with a proven temperament from euthanasia at council and privately operated pounds. -Prevent unwanted pregnancies through desexing initiatives. -Educate owners on the importance of removing their dog from a life on the chain. -All of our dogs are spay/neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, and registered before rehoming.”

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Gutter Kitties

“Gutter Kitties is Auckland’s largest no-kill cat rescue, run by volunteers, and relying entirely on donations to make a difference to the lives of Auckland’s street cats. We pride ourselves in running a no-kill shelter, and dedicate our time and efforts to rescuing timid, anxious and/or undersocialised cats.”

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