Eastern Environmental Law Center

“The Eastern Environmental Law Center (EELC) advocates on behalf of organizations and community groups to resolve environmental problems that threaten people, natural resources, and communities throughout New Jersey and the surrounding region. EELC represents national, state, and local citizen groups that generally cannot otherwise afford such assistance. EELC’s representation includes general client counseling to our 35+ clients and advocacy to promote effective environmental and land use regulations, to restore, maintain, and enhance the quality of water bodies, to protect communities from disparate impacts, and to promote sustainable development and clean energy. Based on the needs and requests of our client base and our view of the critical issues facing the State and region, EELC’s work emphasizes protection and preservation of open space, air quality, and water quality, with an emphasis on statewide issues as well as those issues affecting the Highlands and Pinelands regions, and selection of appropriate energy sources and technologies to meet demand and lessen environmental impacts. EELC will also continue to advocate on behalf of environmental justice communities, such as Newark, with respect to polluted sites, open space, and climate change.”

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