East Point Peace Academy

“The East Point Peace Academy is an organization dedicated to bringing about a culture of peace through training, education and the practice of Nonviolence and Conflict Reconciliation. We are grounded in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, and work with incarcerated populations, youth, activists and community leaders working to bring about the Beloved Community. We come from the traditions of the Nashville Lunch Counter Sit-Ins, the leaders of whom trained for a full year before engaging in direct action, and Gandhi and his 78 followers who went through a 15-year process of training and self purification before embarking on the Salt March. We believe that in order for us to create a peaceful world, we need to invest as much into peace as the military invests into war. Investments not only in money, but in time, commitment, strategy, unity and training. Through training and education, East Point transforms the hearts and minds of individuals, connecting them to a broader history of nonviolent social change movements, and inspiring them to become advocates for transforming the policies, cultures and value systems of their communities.”

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