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Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium (CCAMU)

“CCAMU, the Community Coalition Against Mining Uranium, is a grassroots organization that is sponsoring the Citizens’ Inquiry into the Impacts of the Uranium Cycle. While CCAMU supports a moratorium on the exploration and mining of uranium in Eastern Ontario, members of the Inquiry welcome submissions from every point of view. We have branches in Ottawa, Kingston and Peterborough.”

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Cedar Row

“Cedar Row has been in existence since 1999 and is one of the oldest farm sanctuaries in Ontario. Siobhan and Peter Poole run the sanctuary with help from with their two children Cicada and Patrick as well as a group of dedicated volunteers. Hundreds of animals have been rescued over the years, each just as special of the other. Prior to establishing Cedar Row, Siobhan and Pete worked with wildlife rescue and purchased the sanctuary property with intention to continue this work. Soon after purchasing the farm the Poole’s heard of many local animal rescue groups looking for homes to place rescued farm animals. Soon many animals in need made their way to Cedar Row changing a hobby to a full-time focus for the Poole family.”

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