Description:  “Why vegan? You already know the answer. You may not know all the facts of animal exploitation, but you do know that animals must suffer and die in order to become the products you choose to consume. You may not know all the sobering facts of animal agriculture’s impact on the environment, world hunger and human health, but you do know that human actions are destroying the planet, that many of its inhabitants are starving, and that there is a direct link between diet and health. You may not know all the practical details of living vegan, but you do know, and already live by, the fundamental truth that causing harm for pleasure is not a “personal choice” but an abhorrent abuse of power, and that refusing to impose misery and death for a taste, a trinket, a thrill, is not a sacrifice, but the most basic act of human decency. Please take a moment to learn who is spared when we live vegan, and who suffers when we choose not to. Familiarize yourself with the many, and serious, reasons for becoming vegan but remember that you already hold the key and the answer: your conscience. Act on it.”


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