Description:  “… animals that are able to feel, suffer and rejoice, to respect, to ensure their well-being is the moral duty of every man … On the initiative of 3 individuals. The foundation and motors of the Foundation were Márta Friwaldszky until his death in 1997. The Foundation’s assets are managed by the Board of Trustees. The members of the Board of Trustees perform their duties in their free time without the slightest consideration. The Foundation has a paid employee, our work is assisted by our volunteers. As a result of our activity, we have become a nationally recognized and recognized animal protection organization. We are members of the World Federation of Animal Welfare (WSPA) and the Royal British Defense Association (RSPCA), where we get a lot of ideas and help. The awareness of our organization obliges us to publicize and undertake, talk about batteries or even “swept under the carpet”, but not less important for animal protection problems that call for a solution. This is the purpose of our ongoing press releases, our opinion, our legal assistance, our educational program and, last but not least, the Civil Protection Ombudsman’s Office, which was established on January 1, 2009 at our own expense.”


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