Description:  “It has been several years now since I recorded my lecture for the Plant-Based Nutrition course where I describe the connection between food choices and ocean health. I have mixed feelings about what has happened in the intervening years since that lecture was recorded. I have watched the oceans and planet in general continue to be degraded by many measures, but I have also watched with great satisfaction a growing public awareness of the connection between food choice and the environment. In this article I present a long list of troubling trends concerning meat’s harmful impact on the global ocean and the earth environment in general and then try to persuade you to raise your voice for positive change.”


Resource Type(s):  Article/Post

Location:  (Universal)

Accessibility:  Online-Free

Wellness Domains:  Earth, Earthlings, Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Vegan/Vegetarian, Political Campaigning

Harmful Practices Critiqued:  Animal Farming, Hunting/Fishing