Description:  “To nurture whole people and whole communities to transition from a world of domination and extraction to a world of regeneration, resilience, and interdependence…Movement Strategy Center understands that transformative movements change the way we think, our structures and systems, the way we live, and even who we are. Transformative movements recognize that we are whole people, our communities are whole, and because the issues and problems are interconnected our systemic solutions and movements must be interconnected as well. For society to change we need our movements, and the people in our movements, to mirror and embody transformation right now. Along with a growing wave of movement makers, Movement Strategy Center believes incremental change strategies are inadequate in the face of rapidly accelerating climate disruption and growing inequality. Incremental change strategies cannot keep pace. Because the scale and nature of the problems we face are exponential, our change strategies need to be exponential as well. Transformative strategies are needed to generate the exponential change needed. But how do we accomplish this? How do we achieve transformation – the exponential shift of reality? Movement Strategy Center’s approach is grounded in four elements that are the core of transformative movement building: leading with audacious vision and bold purpose; deeply embodying the values at the heart of the vision; building radical and deep community around the vision; and using all of that – vision, embodiment, and connection – to strategically navigate toward the future.”


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Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Social Change Theory, Community Building, Reduc. Poverty/Inequality, Self-reflection/transform.