Description:  Brochure: “WRL’s new, updated brochure on nonviolence – what it is and how to use it – and deeper information on its impact, including: -Basics of Nonviolence. -Strengthening Campaigns. -Why use Nonviolence? -What is Nonviolence? -WRL’s Nonviolent Struggle History. -What is nonviolence? Revolutionary nonviolence is an active form of resistance to systems of privilege and domination. It’s not simply the absence of violence, and it’s certainly not passive. Nonviolence is a philosophy for liberation, an approach to movement building, a tactic of non-cooperation, and defense. It is a willingness to break unjust laws and take action. It’s a powerful practice we employ to resist and transform our world. People all over the world have effectively used nonviolence in their work for peace and justice.”


Resource Type(s):  Event Organizing Tools

Location:  (Universal)

Accessibility:  Offline-paid

Wellness Domains:  Earth, Earthlings, Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Political Campaigning, Civil Disobedience, Nonviolence (general)