Description:  “In short, One Step works to reduce the number of animals suffering as much as possible. Five hard facts drive One Step: 1. The vast majority of land animals who suffer in the United States today are birds. 2. Almost every argument for vegetarianism or veganism applies much more to avoiding red meat than birds – environmental and health arguments especially. 3. It takes more than 200 chickens to provide the same number of meals as one cow. 4. While beef consumption has fallen over the decades, chicken consumption has risen significantly. After a few years of decline, per capita consumption of animals in the US is currently at an all-time high and continuing to move higher, despite all advocacy efforts. (See graph below.) That means the average person in the US is causing more suffering than ever before. 5.The vast majority of individuals (~80%) who go vegetarian or vegan go back to eating animals, becoming active advocates against a compassionate diet. ”


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