Description:  Book: “Reclaiming Our Health is best-selling author John Robbins biggest and most important book to date. Elaborately researched and fluidly written, Reclaiming Our Health is a provocative and crystal-clear commentary on one of the most complex issues facing America today – national health care. In an epic look at the human and financial consequences of the polarization of traditional and alternative medicine, John Robbins calls for nothing short of a revolution in the basic beliefs on which traditional health care is provided. Robbins has written a masterpiece that will be as popular with people unhappy with the medical establishment as Diet for a New America is with critics of the meat industry. Although we spend $1 trillion each year on health care, the toll in human suffering from degenerative disease continues to rise and many in our country cannot afford basic health care. Meanwhile, women are growing increasingly frustrated with the care they receive from a male-dominated system; and the incidence of dangerous communicable diseases is growing. There are answers to these problems and the myriad others that we face, but the dogmatic and monopolistic beliefs held by modern medicine are preventing us from finding the. Reclaiming Our Health presents a brilliant, refreshing, and uplifting new vision of what health care might be.”


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