Description:  “Are you tired of ‘the problems’ and want to be more solutions-focused? Do you seek to live compassionately without the unnecessary exploitation of people, animals and the environment? Are you concerned about climate change and future generations? Create the change you wish to see in this world with permaculture! Our focus is on active learning, designing innovative courses and workshops that are participatory, fun, lively and inclusive. Adapted from the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s PDC core curriculum and much more, we create learning experiences that empower you, your organisation or your community to make positive change happen today.”


Resource Type(s):  Full Website, Blog/News Feed, Actions/Events, Local Training, Commerce shop

Location:  (Universal)

Accessibility:  Online-Free, Offline-paid

Wellness Domains:  Earth, Earthlings, Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Vegan/Vegetarian, Organics, Fruit/Veg. Gardening, Green Building, Wilderness Restoration, Communing w/Nature, Community Building, Nonviolence (general)