Description:  “The Animals Voice is an independent online resource for helping animals and the people who defend them. We are an award-winning networking source of recent media coverage, timely information, and an incalculable volume of resources for animals and their defenders. We feature the latest news, multimedia, events, victories, thought-provoking and inspirational editorial, graphic and compelling photography, and in-depth investigative reports, as it relates to the plight of animals. Through our online database of hard-hitting editorial and photography, resources and networking, as well as our international award-winning animal rights magazine, we have already proven our potential among activists and adversaries as a powerful force in the changes necessary for the betterment in the living and dying conditions for animals worldwide. We promise to continue our independent work to globally network activists and organizations, and to educate and enlighten everyone who visits or reads our material about the desperate plight of animals and what part they can play in ending animal cruelty.”


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