Description:  “Society has become increasingly aware of the suffering of animals due to human beings. Many will be familiar with the shocking realities of factory farming, or will have seen horrific images of animal testing, neglected and abused pets, the systematic murder of animals in slaughter-houses. Humans are responsible for a large portion of animal suffering, and there is much to be done in terms of eradicating this great source of injustice. What is less well known about, but perhaps even more morally relevant, is suffering caused to animals by other animals, or by Nature itself. Wild animals undergo torture. It is commonplace for creatures to be eaten alive by predators. Intense competition for resources means that starvation, one of the most agonising ways to die, is the norm for many species. Illnesses ravage their victims, injuries are left to fester; only a fortunate minority of any member of a species is able to lead the full, enjoyable life we typically imagine of animals in the natural world. The gruesome existence of wild animals needs to be acknowledged.”


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