Description:  “The Prophetic Jewish, Interfaith & Secular Voice to Heal and Transform the World…We are a prophetic voice for peace, love, environmental sanity, social transformation, and unabashedly utopian aspirations for the world that can be. We speak to, and hear from, people from all communities, all races, all religions, all ethnicities, and all ages. Over the past thirty-two years, Tikkun has been a platform for young writers to emerge as public intellectuals and for established thinkers and academics to posit groundbreaking philosophies and radical ideas. It has also been a stage for novelists and poets to flex their minds and for spiritual progressives and social change activists to urge self-reflection, inner psychological and spiritual healing, and direct action. Our community action and activist arm – the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) – is building a social change movement — guided by and infused with spiritual and ethical values —to transform our society to one that prioritizes and promotes love, justice, peace, and the well-being of the planet and its people over money, power, and profit.”


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