Description:  Blog. “Veganism is an ethical position; a way of life showing basic respect to all animals; opposing exploitation, objectification, enslavement, sexual violation (breeding / inseminating), and the violent assault of animals. Vegans don’t buy animal-tested products, nor products or practices that exploit animals for clothing, food, entertainment, toiletries, etc. Vegan living is a social justice issue that holds far-reaching sociological and environmental benefits. I am a vegan for 40 years. We can live vegan, so we should. All animals, because they are conscious and feeling, can suffer, and want to live. Therefor, they deserve the birth-right not to be violently assaulted and used like they are a thing, rather than the someone they truly are.”


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Wellness Domains:  Earth, Earthlings, Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Vegan/Vegetarian, Organics, Animal Care, Cruelty-Free Products, Political Campaigning

Harmful Practices Critiqued:  Animal Farming, Hunting/Fishing, Animal Research