Description:  “YES! is a vibrant and dynamic body of people – staff, board, global program partners, alumni, and supporters – on a learning journey, seeking to live and work more consciously in alignment with our values. Our organization and program principles focus on restoring balance and sustainability; means-to-end consistency; partnerships across historic divides; and intentional space for the role of love and spirit. YES! brings these core elements into social change movements worldwide by convening transformational gatherings called Jams and building lasting partnerships with diverse social entrepreneurs. Since being founded in 1990 by two teenagers, YES! has spoken in person to more than 650,000 students in school assemblies, led hundreds of day-long workshops, and held more than 100 week-long gatherings for visionary young leaders from 65+ nations. YES!’s Jams support some of the planet’s most potent and dedicated young social change leaders and are currently being held on six continents.”


Resource Type(s):  Full Website, Resource Directory, Actions/Events, Event Organizing Tools

Location:  (Universal)

Accessibility:  Online-Free, Offline-paid

Wellness Domains:  Human Society, Personal

Wholesome Practices Promoted:  Political Campaigning, Leadership development, Self-reflection/transform.