Month: April 2022

The Collapse of Industrial Farming

The most upending event of the past 10,000 years is the advent of engineered food as fermentation farms displace factory farms. “We are on the Cusp of the Fastest, Deepest, Most Consequential Disruption of Agriculture in History.”

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Climate Change is Killing Trees

Just once in our planet’s long history, nearly all of the trees died – during the Permian-Triassic 252 million years ago, and event known as “the Great Dying.” It appears that such an event may be re-appearing. Throughout the world, trees are dying en masse.

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Scientists Hit the Streets

A revolutionary slogan by climate scientists “1.5C is Dead – Climate Revolution Now!” emblazoned the streets of the world on April 6th spawned by the Sixth Assessment Report, Mitigation of Climate Change, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released April 4th.

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The Pimps of War

The coterie of neocons and liberal interventionists who orchestrated two decades of military fiascos in the Middle East and who have never been held to account are now stoking a suicidal war with Russia.

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The Great Barrier Reef on Life Support

Recent news of another (the 6th) bleaching event at the Great Barrier Reef is but one more example in a long list of recent climate-related events that depict a scenario that can only be described as triple-alarm climate emergencies, as ecosystems breakdown across the world.

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The Truth About IPCC Reports

At the center of the issue, the IPCC does not expose the full extent of existential risk, which happens to be such an unthinkable event so hard to accept that nobody believes it will ever really truly happen.

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