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    Ode to Gaia vol: 4

    To this I say,
    mother Earth, (aka Gaia 🖖)
    you will be healed.

    Humanity is beginning to see,
    how we treat each other affects the “ME”.

    We now see,
    the darkness in our hearts,
    and the emotions in our eyes,

    We now see each other,
    and dry.

    We will not allow this killing of spirit to exist,
    A Healing Nexus is what we wish.

    A place to call respite, that means a break,
    someplace to sit, something to make.
    Colors, Sounds, Aromas unbound,
    in a Shakespeare play of stress relief
    let go of your grief,
    don’t stress,
    you already passed the test.

    Welcome to A Healing Nexus, a prelude, to The Galactic Nexus.

    NO more do we allow,
    for you to be scarred,
    by war,
    and our blunder.

    Society owes you,
    a debt of gratitude,
    we are adjusting,
    to our new attitude.

    We will give you peace and solitude,
    we will plant the seed, to stop the bleed.
    We will heal the air, and all will care.

    Just give us the time,
    to complete this,
    in our lifetime,
    for there is a reason,
    to this rhyme,
    and it leads,
    to the sublime,
    & a realization of the fact,
    and reminder of the truth,
    that what i speak,
    is what we all seek,
    so let it be stated,
    so let it be dated,
    we’ve come here to fix,
    this planet and humanity anew.

    We are all crew,
    on spaceship Earth,
    now it’s time she have,
    a rebirth,
    to a new time,
    of “Faith” “Hope” and “Love” and “ALL” things above,
    Nature, God, Self and love, all things good, all things one.

    RadioCave, is the cave you fear to enter, that holds the treasures you seek. Fear is an illusion, created by doubt & fusion, of lost thoughts and confusion.

    Let’s come out of the darkness together,
    no longer do we need to seek,
    together we are stronger,
    united we stand,
    RadioCave’s broadcast
    reach’s to all of the land,
    this is the design & the grand plan.

    This is not Greek,
    and is what We speak,
    because what I say,
    comes from my heart, art, and love of you my Inter-Faith Unity Community.


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