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A powerful and unlikely spiritual teacher has arrived on Earth, blowing across the globe, sweeping everyone into the shadows of its cloak. This teacher has interrupted life as we know it, showing us the impermanence and fragility of our lifestyle – foreshadowing what we can expect as climate change progresses.

This spiritual teacher brings us right to the razor’s edge of this precious present moment. No past. No future. Just what is here now. All across the globe, people are speaking this spiritual teacher’s name: Corona.

The Coronavirus has the potential to kill millions worldwide.  The virus also has the potential of being a spiritual initiator for humanity.

How so?

In our day-to-day lives, we are lulled into merely skimming the surface layer.  We can easily fall asleep into a homeostatic trance that preserves the status quo, woefully inhibiting our evolution. What can awaken us from slumber is a personal or collective crisis.

A personal crisis has the power to thwart our daily routine.  Cancer, stroke, heart-attack, job loss, divorce, or loss of a loved one can crack the shell of ingrained habit and initiate us into a journey of self-discovery.

A collective crisis has the potential to wake up the masses.  Climate change and pandemics serve as potential species-wide intiatory events.  Recognizing the possibility that Corona may kill millions can activate dormant spiritual instincts, bringing into consciousness such powerful spiritual inquiries as:

Who am I?

What do I do?

What is my purpose, place, destiny?  

The staff of Purpose Guides Institute invites you to participate in a LIVE Zoom webinar council – transforming despair into empowerment.  Meeting our anxiety, fear and desperation is vital if we are to be at full strength in meeting this crisis.  Merely remaining in either denial or survival mode, attempting to either brush it off or tough it out, keeps the heart stuck in a frozen condition.  Having a safe place, a council, allows the tender heart to thaw and express its pent up emotions. This process is key for moving from desperation to empowerment.

You are invited to this special Zoom video gathering where we’ll meet this pandemic moment:

  • first our understandable despair and fear,

  • and then we’ll transition to “empowerment,” connecting with our soul’s deep purpose..

Working together, we can awaken the human soul to meet this pandemic. Working together, we can use our “dark-adjusted eyes” to see the coronavirus crisis as a spiritual call from Soul.

Pandemic as practice…this moment is asking something of us

Your Host


Jonathan Gustin, Founder of PGI

Jonathan Gustin, is the founder of Purpose Guides Institute and its new projects: Climate Change & Purpose, and Pandemic as practice. He is a licensed psychotherapist, meditation teacher, and purpose guide.

In addition to founding PGI 18 years ago, he also founded Green Sangha 20 years ago, a spiritual based environmental activist organization. He is currently an adjunct professor in the Consciousness and Transformation Studies department at JFK University.

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