Month: May 2021

The Net Zero Mirage

“Net Zero by 2050” is the rallying cry of scientists and policymakers throughout the world. However, that epithet echoes past decades of climate change/global warming mitigation plans, one after another, all failures.

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Poisoning the Planet’s Web of Life

The Web of Life is under attack but almost nobody is aware because it’s happening mostly below the surface. Scientists have identified a rampant worldwide Bugpocalypse that’s methodically killing the planet’s most significant and most crucial life support system, and it’s intentional!

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Seaspiracy’s Nightmarish Odyssey

Seaspiracy is a powerful new documentary about the hazardous, unruly world of industrial fishing and stomach-churning abuse, overuse, disregard for life, as shown on Netflix, released by Disrupt Studios March 24th 2021.

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Fifteen Thoughts on Palestine

#1 – You don’t get to drop an entire colony on top of an inhabited country, grind those inhabitants into the dirt for generations, and then claim self defense every time they retaliate. That’s not a thing.

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Irish MP Names the “Elephant in the Room” about Israel

We somehow find ourselves in this extraordinary situation in which it takes enormous courage to call out the last remaining openly apartheid, openly racist state on the Planet (Israel). This Irish MP demonstrates such courage, speaking truth to power and standing up for the equal rights of Palestinians and all people. Please watch and share!

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