Author: Brad Dixon

Time for Regenesis

Every problem has possibility. I believe we are on the cusp of a regenesis. A change in the way we see the world and a total reordering in how we exist in harmony with it. 

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Change Direction Post COVID-19

Our entire system needs to change coming out the other side of this “great pause”. Change will need to be driven from within, and external public policy. Pain and time to reflect can create opportunity to change.

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Isaiah’s Warning to Change

So many Christians insinuated that “God is angry with the way we are living.” I would disagree. If you want to simplify and personify the beautiful, loving force that connects all and everything into a father figure; then I would suggest he is not angry – he is bitterly disappointed.

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Book Review – “The Enlightened Society” by John L. Hill

John Lawrence Hill is an author and law professor who is very concerned about international human rights. This book is a manifest on how humankind can save ourselves while in turn saving the planet. He has since written other books that have a similar theme – The Case for Vegetarianism: Philosophy for a Small Planet (1996), and The Political Centrist (2009).

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Save Our Soil – Save the World

Our current system of food production involves monoculture, the tilling of soil, and the adding of biology-destroying chemical crutches. This destructive dis-empowering process is slowly decreasing the Earth’s health, and our health along with it. We need to be more expansive on our view of health – without our natural world thriving, then we have no chance.

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Where Are We Heading?

Someone intelligent once said – “we move towards what we focus on”. Every now and then it’s important we question as a society what are we focusing on, and therefore moving towards?

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The Lost Teachings of Jesus: Have Compassion for the Earth and All Beings

Jesus Christ was sent to show humanity how to live and interact not only with each other but with the world around us. But the true essence of his teachings was lost when his group, the Ebionites, was disbanded after the fall of the Jewish Temple in 70 AD, and the final nail was put in the coffin when Christianity was blended with the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD. I believe that another Christian reformation is coming, one that will show the world how to live authentically with compassion, love, creativity, and with a light impact on our beautiful planet.

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